1. Casey-Jade88

    How do I advertise my new hair extension business

    So I have just done a hair extension course which now I can offer 7 methods, but due to having no photos, how do I go about starting to gain clients. I was in beauty for over 10 years then I went and done a business degree for three years but due to an assault last year I had to have a break...
  2. M

    Hairdressing studio room?

    I’m a mobile hairdresser and have been for 10 years, I’m considering finally setting up a base somewhere that’s not in my home, but don’t want to rent a chair in someone’s salon either. I’m thinking of doing what a lot of beauty therapists do, rent a ‘treatment room’ style mini hair studio with...
  3. M

    How do I go from mobile to opening a salon?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post and I would really appreciate some friendly, professional advice... So I'm a L2&3 NVQ qualified beauty therapist and have been running my own mobile business for almost 2 years now after working 2 years in the salon (employed). I am doing extremely well, a...
  4. L

    Mobile therapist tips

    Hey everyone! I’m quite new here and also new to the business aspect of things. I’m currently transitioning into aesthetics as a registered nurse and I have a few courses lined up (dermaplaning and microdermabrasion). I plan to do mobile services for my clients and I’m based in Kent but not to...
  5. M

    Mobile vs home salon

    I’m a 34 yr old mobile hairstylist and have been for 8 years, having worked in salons for 8 years prior to that. I have managed to build a very successful business and it currently works well in my life. However, I can’t see myself doing it forever and it’s very physically tiring, lugging all...
  6. T

    At home beauty salon

    I have been a mobile therapist for nearly a year now, and it has done me good building up my client base, but it’s so difficult and time consuming to drive to 6 different peoples houses a day and carry all my equipment in a tiny car! I was wondering if it would be easier for me to be home base...
  7. menukagurung

    Mobile microblading business?

    Is anyone a mobile microblading artist? Or has anyone heard of anyone that does it? I have seen some artists on Instagram who cover different areas. Sure they are mobile? How do you go about the council registrations? etc.
  8. msophie

    Offering blow dry but not a hairdresser?

    So whilst I am a lash technician, a mobile beautician friend of mine has recently done a blow drying course and is offering them now, but she has no hairdressing qualifications besides this. Would people go to someone for just a blow dry with no other hair experience?
  9. A

    Microblading mobile

    Hello I just got contact from K.P brow who said that I'd have to be in a shop or rent a room to do microblading and I wouldn't be able to do this mobile? Is this correct or is this something they maybe have to suggest for their own public liability... Thanks
  10. IndiaRoisin

    New make up artist, how much to charge?

    Hi all, I'm going to be doing a complete make up training course this week with The Beauty Academy and I was wondering if anyone knew what would be a good rate to charge clients after I've completed? I know some people do discounted rates so that they can build up a portfolio, is this a good...
  11. E

    How do I find reliable clients for mobile eyelash extensions?

    I became qualified to do eyelashes about five months ago, and since then, I've been trying to build up a client base. I haven't really been sure where to advertise, but I have posted a lot of adverts on Facebook, although I only really seem to get any attention on my posts when I'm doing some...
  12. V

    Qualifications when travelling overseas?

    I am new to the industry (and posting on SG). I work on the side of my "normal job" and have a small customer base do waxing, lashes + brows and massage. I wondered if anyone has used their qualifications whilst travelling overseas? Mostly, I want to know how difficult it is to obtain...
  13. G

    Back in the game

    Hi there, I'm looking for help, tips and advice please. I qualified as a Spray Tan Tech 7 years ago and went mobile but never really focused on doing the do. NOW I'm back and ready to roll! I'm doing an advanced Spray tan course next week and can't wait to refresh and learn new skills. I have...
  14. R

    Rainbow hair (mobile)

    Hi! Does anyone have any suggestions for best practise in washing off a rainbow colour as a mobile hairdresser. I am doing a global colour brown and a hidden panel underneath, last time we tried sitting back against the bath to rinse separate but was very messy! Thanks