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Aug 7, 2007
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My son is the lead singer of a band called Revenue and they are taking part in Mobileact unsigned which is a competition on Channel 4 for bands who write and perform there own music. They have done really well from 1500 bands they have made it to the final 3. The prize is a million pound recording contract, a single out before the new year a tour and merchandise deal. So as you can imagine this is a massive oppurtunity for the boys.

So here comes the Massive favour.... They need as many people as possible to sign up as fans on the mobileact website...

Then if they make it through the semi's on the 16th Dec the fans will be able to vote for them to win in the final on the 23rd Dec live on channel 4.

The show goes out on a Sunday morning at 12.30 on channel 4.

It's very straight forward and quick to do, select sign up enter a username and password they will email for verification and then select to be a fan of Revenue the link is attached below.

Thankyou so much in advance for your support.


Done it........ they sound great....... very tallented
Wow i love that show watch it every sun!!! I was rooting for revenue anyway!! x
Done it too.
Good luck to them!:green:
Ah thanks girls glad you like them... it's really stressful watching them but they seem to be having a whale of a time. slightly too much fun for my liking but what do I know I'm just his mum:)

Your be top of the list for gig tickets if they get there fingers crossed :).
Glad to help :) Which one is your son?
He's the lead singer Adam.... they're a great bunch of blokes but then I am a tad biased as you would expect :)
it was so funny last week when they got told off for partying too hard! Fair play i'd be doing the same!
it was so funny last week when they got told off for partying too hard! Fair play i'd be doing the same!

It's a nightmare! but very funny they fool around alot and they make them out like they're binge drinkers, they all have jobs a couple have mortages and responsibility's... and what Adam said was spot on they have been playing in small time clubs for 5 years practising twice a week hoping that one day the dream would become reality... they have been given a taste of success and are going for it.. they could be chucked out at any time and if they do then at least they can say we enjoyed the ride... who could blame em :)
im a fan, im a fan, seriously i am anyway, they are cool, my son really like them too

fingers crossed hun


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