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May 12, 2003
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Well, I have to say a huge well done to Creative today for putting on an excellent demonstration! I learnt an awful lot, and I can't wait to try out my new products! :D

I bought the Mosiacs, and I am going to get the Metro colours later when I have a bit more cash. What I did think was a brilliant idea is how you can buy a set of Designer Nails brushes for £72.99 (I think! :oops: )

They all look fantastic and seem ideal for doing Metro and Mosiac nail art. If I'd have had the pennies then I would have bought them today, but I am definatley going to get them when I have saved! :D

One huge embarrassment was meeting Sam! :oops: :oops:
I turned around and there he was! It was a shock to see in person the Big Cheese! After reading all his words of wisdom, and seeing nails he has done, I was amazed to meet the person behind it all! It was like meeting somebody famous. :oops:

I got really embarrased and shy because I was awe struck! :oops: Gillian went to get him to say hi, and talking to him wasn't as bad as I expected! :) I felt like a right bumbling fool though! :oops: He is really friendly, but if I was that pathetic when I met him God knows what I'll be like when I meet Samantha and Gigi! :oops:

Anyway, it was brilliant and I will definatley be at the next one! It was great to meet some of the Leeds staff. :D
The staff deserve a huge well done for coping under what must have been huge stress, they did an excellent job! 8)
I'm so glad you had a great time and learning experience.

They were all very excited about it at the office today. Oh yes I hear it all even here in Spain you know!!

I will be looking forward to meeting you on the 20th of October and showing you some new and exciting things. Can't wait.

Don't expect to be awestruck when you meet Samantha and me, luv, you may be hugely let down when you realise we are just nail technicians through and through and we all speak the same language wherever we are in the world ... it's quite a sisterhood (sorry brothers, we know there are a lot of you too)! We all have a huge amount in common before we even get to know each other.
To be honest I didn't expect to be that way at all, but it was so silly, I turned into a 13 year old at her first pop concert! :D

But I can't wait until 20th October, I expect it will be packed out. I'll be the one who is there at 1.30 to get a good seat! :D :D
And I thought we had all the fun down south...................

Might just have to jump on the train and pop along myself lol ...............

The 20th of October hmmmmmmmmm let me see, maybe I can reschedule some clients lol ..................

Well is this open for just creative Techs or can anyone come along ????

love Ruth xxxxxxx
No you should come along! It's the Fabric# Demonstration and you use that as well so you should come along! :D
well whats that then thats happening on the 20th ? Farbric demo i hear you say? where abouts? hey ruth are you gonna go?
~beautifulnails you realy shouldnt be worried at all about meeting samantha and gigi they are the most warm and freindly ladies you could wish to meet and they make you feel like you have been best mates with them for years they truely are remarkable :D i know what you mean though i kinda lost the plot and went gaga :D :oops: felt like a right plank :D they all do seem like superstars though 8) 8)
nickki jonesx
beautifulnails03 said:
To be honest I didn't expect to be that way at all

You're too funny... as you were nothing of the sort.
Its ace when we get a chance to meet members from the board.

Monday rocked... Im glad you nJoy-ed it... next months will be just as good... we will have your seat reserved ;)
Thank You.

Also can I say a huge thank you to Amanda, because after watching her demo yesterday my smile lines have started to look like they are supposed to! :D
please tell me more. are there demos every month and how do we get to come along
glenda said:
please tell me more. are there demos every month and how do we get to come along

At the moment, the first three Mondays we have booked were last Monday, one in October which is the 20th and I think one in November (can't remember date)!! Just call 0113 275 5719 and ask for the One Stop Nail Shop and speak to either Denise or David!! I think the 20th will be busy but a lot of fun also!! ;)
what about some demos in the south west???? (The REAL south west - not the west bit of the M4) we feel like we are out on such a limb down here - noone ever goes west of Bristol!

And re the getting embarressed to see Samuel - well he stood right next to me at excel and I also felt like I was stood next to a movie star - couldn't even say anything! A bit of an "I am not worthy" type of moment. Then Amanda did me one nail - I was in complete awe. (I shall keep it on forever)

Samuel - you could do signed posters!!LOL
ella said:
Samuel - you could do signed posters!!LOL

My God - he was - some tek from Spain asked him if he would !!! :oops: :oops: what to do.... :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Do we have any demos down here too? I though we had to ait for exhibitions for anything like tha, it`ll be great if there was a demo or two to go too within my reach
I second that Debbie. A wee while ago I started a thread about getting Grand Master Geek to do some workshop type training down this end. Samantha (bless her :spiral: ) said she would see what she could do.


Luv Ya
Dellie ;)
It's a wonderful thing this passion we all have and this love for what we do.

It is truly sad that the Geek only has 24 hours a day like the rest of us ... as well as a wife and family with whom he loves to spend his time during their rare weekends all together.

The Monday Mentoring programme was an idea we had at head office to help our customers. Other One Stop Nail Shops can do the same type of thing if you ask and will support it.

At this moment the programme is featuring Creative Ambassadors from head office as well as guest appearances. Each One Stop Nail Shop has its own set of ambassadors who will I'm know give a wonderful demonstrations as do they all ... that is what they are trained to do. The list of talent among them is long. Ketan Patel, Jacqui Jefford, Lisa Smith, Pamela Rohlf, Nicky Portway, Amanda Revell, I could go on and on with the number of champions who are Creative ambassadors.

My point is (if he doesn't mind me speaking for him) that although he would love to have the time I'm sure, the Geek cannot spend every weekend away from home to travel the countryside. He does do all the shows so you can always see him there. There are no firm plans at present for a 'road show' but your suppliers will I know be happy to do what we are doing and delighted to see you at such an event.
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