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Mar 11, 2003
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west yorkshire
champers was scrummy pity/or maybe it was a good job i was driving .great to see you in the flesh geeg. i was very impressed with your demo and bought the kit as soon as i arrived, knowing that if you said it was good it would be. not had chance to try it yet as im afraid the fizzy bath bombs tempted me they are brill. will need more. would have loved to speak to you but as a neewbie didnt feel i had the right to bother you.though i have to say everyone at creative have always been wonderful, they really cant do enough for you. thanks again for a lovely evening looking forward to the next
Hi Glenda,

It was nice to meet you last night! I would have bought the kit, but unfortunately the purse strings are having trouble opening! :D I can't wait until I get it though. My Sister said that she will buy me it for Christmas if I wanmt but I don't think I can wait! :D

You should have spoke to Geeg, I waited to speak to her and she is so amazingly friendly! Don't you agree though that she looks different from her photo?

I told her so but what I should have said is that she looks younger in the flesh. Unfortunately I failed to explain why, and it all sounded wrong! :D Not that it isn't a good picture Geeg, because it is. I just didn't recognize you at first. :D

I agree that the demonstration was really good, and Dianne's wedding type designs were gorgeous! I am so glad that they look so simple to do, because I want to be able to offer a Bridal package in my new Salon when it opens and now I have the perfect way to do it! :D

And thanks to Gillian, I also learnt a few places where I was going wrong with L&P! So all-in-all I had a wonderful evening and learnt a lot! 8)

(Plus I even got chance to say Hello to Marco Benito! I'm telling you, it was like being at the Oscars!) :D
nice to meet you too just wish i could have stayed longer but i was really frightened re journey home in the dark. what were the tips re liquid/powder ?? i need any help i can get as a neewie i just want to learn everything as qiuck as poss
Well first of all I thought my brush was contaminated because when I am doing a full set my liquid goes all cloudy!

But Gillian guessed correctly that it is when I am doing my whites and told me that it is because the perfect whites powder is so fine. And that I should do all my whites with the Liquid, then get new liquid to do my pinks!

This made excellent sense and I was so relieved that it wasn't my brush! 8)

Secondly, I told her I thought that maybe I was using too much liquid as we used smaller pots in training. She asked which one I was using and I told her I was using a Pink Porcelain one. Apparently these aren't meant for acrylic :oops: and so she advised me on a nice glass one!

No wonder I have been going through so much Liquid! :silly: She also advised that I buy some pipettes. One squeeze of liquid for whites, and two for pinks!

How embarrased am I! :oops: So I am now sorted, and I can't wait to do a full set with my new tools!
Thought i would poke my nose in here, I wanted to go to the demo on mon but could not make it. Sounds like it was a good night, I have picked up some good info though from you two.
Hopefully will make it to next demo.
easypeasy :)
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