more news on the new Brisa gels


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Jul 29, 2006
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Calgary - Alberta
So whilst I was at the suppliers yesterday they gave me a great leaflet on all the new coloured Gels including the new pinks!

The Brisa bolds collection is due for release here tomorrow with the Brisa shimmers coming at the end of September, not sure when the new pinks are out but I can tell you about the kits!

Brisa bold collection includes:
yellow - opaque
blue opaque
orange opaque
orange opaque
purple opaque
green opaque
colour wheel, mixing trays & tool and custom blending gel guide

Brisa shimmers collection includes:
Silver frost - semi sheer
silver shimmer - sheer
gold shimmer - sheer
custom blending gel guide

the existing pink will be know as pure pink, french pink warm will be warm pink semi sheer, french pink cool will be neutral pink semi sheer then new pinks will be cool pink semi sheer, warm pink opaque, neutral pink opaque and cool pink opaque!

How fantastic!

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