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Feb 8, 2003
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i have just spoken to marco benito ( how cute is he!) ;)
i have been feeling really sort of lost i suppose, confused, de-flated you name it i feel it, two steps forward and one back sort of thing, but after speaking to him, he says these feelings are quite NORMAL and just the learning curve that a lot of people go through, we had a good chat and i do feel better now and have booked a master class with him on the 29th.
i just wanted to say that i know there are a few on the site that feel like this too, and its ok it is NORMAL lol
thanks hun, ive been feeling like that recently
cute cute omg he is soooooo sooooo cute mmmmmmm
He is very sweet and so is his lovely wife! I had the pleasure of having a set of nails fitted by him last week, as he is a finalist for Nail tech of the year. 4 hours drive for a set of nails was well worth it. Anyone from the Birmingham area that wants top up creative training should head straight there, he knows what he is talking about!

PS. Marco, if you read this, thanks for the lifesaving directions and not taking the **** when i said i have 3 sugars in my coffee!
Absolute pleasure.
Looking forward to your help around the NVQ world

Thank you for your support and I was pleased to see your nails still looking good for the awards. It's all about the aftercare you know.......... :lol:

Big huge TA!

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