Mosquito bites


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Gina Ballerina

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Oct 21, 2009
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Anyone for any good tips with dealing with mozzy bites? I'm in Thailand right now and never suffered in European holidays. I thought I was one of the lucky ones that didn't react.
The first night I thought I'd be ok so I didn't put anything on and I was wrong then last night I forgot to put any repellant on and I've got like 15 bloody bites! Taking antihistamines doesn't seem to help :(

The 100% natural jungle formula works a treat if I remember to put it on.
I like those little clicky buzzer things that give out a little spark, I can't remember what they are called . They tend to take the sting out of the bite and I can leave it alone. Prevention is better than cure, be careful with the repellant and your Shellac :p

ETA - its called a 'Click It' -

Take a picture to one of the chemists over there and they're bound to have something similar
Thank you, I've seen them but didn't think they'd work. I'll have a look x
The Citronella wrist bands are good (but really strong so wear them on your ankle instead!!) For bites you've already got, use something with a high level of natural aloe vera in it (min 80% aloe) I'm not sure if I'm allowed to use brand names on here (?!) but the best I've used is a Forever Living product (No... I'm not a Forever distributor!!! ;) ) ...... Aloe Gelly. Toothpaste works a treat in an emergency. Also, weird but works.... place a cold spoon on the bite. Mozzies are terrible here!!! :) x
Ah thanks I'll stick some emergency toothpaste on tonight. I got some antihistamine cream tonight but it isn't doing anything.
It's only my lower legs so the citronella bands on my ankles will be great for next time and I'll be getting a clicky thing for sure.
My next hols this year are Ibiza and Italy and I'm always ok now there but these Thai ones are a nightmare! X
Maybe the next time I get bombarded by forever living distributers I'll ask for a sample of that!
For future reference, Avon 'Skin So Soft' dry oil body spray.
I've been all over India and used it without any problems. I've also used it on horses to keep midges away!!!!

Have a fab holiday. Soooooo jealous.
A few of my husbands and dads fishing mates use that. It's quite a well known thing amongst fishermen apparently. I'm allergic though x

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