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Apr 28, 2012
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just wondering what your most popular beauty treatments were? I'm thinking of doing a beauty course with the nail and beauty academy, but the whole course costs £799!!!!!! £1299 if I get a nvq!!! too much! I'm thinking of doing a one-day beauty course to start with, please can you take a look at their page and tell me which one of their one-day courses would be best for me as a mobile beauty therapist? their website is here: Beauty Courses | Nails and Beauty Academy

Thanks in advance geeklets!
Hi Nin,
I personally think that any course that offers to train you in facials, waxing, and massage with out offering any A and P is not really not going to be much good..I trained for a year to be a beauty therapist, a further year for massage and 6months for aromatherapy. How can they offer a half day brazilian waxing course, with no entry requirements, it took me a long time ot get the hang of waxing and even now I am still learning and improving! To be perfectly honest hon if you really want to do everything then you need to find a course that will offer you A and NVQ or ITEC even the facial course doesnt include it....I cant tell you how vital it is as a therapist to know all the bones and muscles, to really understand a lot of common diseases, on the other hand i know that there are lots of geeks on here that have mainly trained using one day courses, I think mainly the eyelash extensions but if this is what you intend to do I would contact the EE companies direct as you can get some great deals which include a starter pack, basically you are going to get what you pay for, do a bit more research, search EE on here and there are loads of threads about which ones the geeks rate the most.
Good luck tinaxx

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