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Just a random bit of natter
has anyone had any popular cuts or styles requested like way back in the day :lol: when it was the whole 'xtina' thing blonde on top black underneath?
ive not noticed any as of yet although clip in extensions seem to be popping up alot more,

but if you differ get typing lol... :green:


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i thought short hair was in, posh spice and sarah harding stylee......i could be horribly wrong!! But i've been growing my hair for the last 2 years ain't no way i'm having it all chopped off again!!!:green:


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I have short hair like Sarah Harding!! Just going to dye it dark brown & have red streaks/ highlights put in the front!!! I love short hait styles couldn't ever grow my hair long again!!! Quite a few are have just sections coloured either in the fringe or bottom of the hair!! Think that looks fab also!! :)


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I seem to think the posh/sarah harding stylie is still in at the moment you just have to look around at the mums in the school playground most of them have it! Shame not much individuality going on in our school playground. pmsl
Of course no offence to anyone with this style.


my son wants beckhams new style. (but hes 12)


Yes - lots of 'Pobs' and short styles have been seen leaving the salon! Also plenty of dramatic partial colouring.


i love the look of the 'pobs':lol: but i dont think i could bare chopping my hair off i havent got the guts