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Hi there,

I was wondering if you knew the area of Costa del Azahara in spain.

I am going to be visiting this area later in the year and wondered if they had many nail bars/nail technicians and if it would be a good place to set up a business/and or live.

Getting fed up with cost of living and awful weather of England.

Any advice appreciated.
This one needs a definite Geeg response! I only know where my mum lives but am not familiar with names where as Geeg is. Why don't you PM her - I'm sure she will be happy to help!!! Sorry I couldn't be more so :rolleyes:
:( I was in Spain for 9 months and ended up back in the UK as I disliked it so much. If you are like me and you are family orientated then you will hate Spain. I love the UK and all Spain has is the good weather but remember that it is not the case in the winter they are cold like the UK!!!!
It is a dangerous thing to generalize just because you had a bad personal experience; not to mention grossly unfair.

There are millions of Brits living here who absolutely love it to bits and not just because of the weather. Spain has a lot more to offer than beaches and sun. And you certainly won´t get a more family orientated society than the Spanish.

Maybe like so many others you have made no attempt to speak the language or get to know the real Spain or the lovely Spanish people or to integrate at all. We are the foreigners here !! It is we who need to integrate.

Spain has lovely seasons and it is a blessed relief from nothing but sun -- weird as it may sound!! :D Sorry it didn't work out for you, but is sure has for millions of others ... like me!
I think home is when you make it your home.............
Speaking as a foreigner in the UK..............

Well if you want to make it in any country and you want it to make it your home, you have to work hard at it................
Spain is beautiful and I for one would love to live there.......
The people are friendly, family comes first and they do love to chat.....

I came to the UK from germany over 25 years ago, very little english and the first 2 years where the hardest...............
Learning the language, learning to intergrate and learning to do things the english way...............
But I still love it, not because of the weather thats for sure lol........

But hey I made it and love it, it's my home family is still in germany but thats only a few hours away by plane.............and I still have a very close family unit, hey they are just a little bit further away........

So for any one that is thinking of starting fresh in a new Country, if you really want it, it will work.....
A Nail Salon in spain would be great ............But make sure you are doing it for your own right reasons...........
To many seem to run away abroad then finding that the new life still brings with it the old problems, can't run away from them..........
But thats just my thoughts
So Sam if it's what you want then you will make it work..............
lots of love Ruth xxxxxxxx
I was not inplying that it is a bad coutry with bad people, I may not have worded it in the correct way but you do need to do a lot of homework on the country and the lifestyle. It is better to know someone out there who can help you, we knew nothing about the country and its laws, we where ripped off and led up the garden path with our house which was suppose to be ready eight weeks after we arrived but was not ready till May. All I say to you is be sure this is what you want as it is a big step to take if you do not settle so please do not do what we did do lots of homework and visit a lot before you make that big step. I am still very pleased I came back to the UK even though we do have bad weather and it was a good decision where my children where concerned.
Well babe all that matter really is that you are where you want to be.....
You gave it a go, had some bad luck on the way , but hey here is to a great future back at home ..... :hic:
love Ruth xxxxxxxx
Thankyou for such a sweet reply, you are right family must come first and you must live where you feel happy and for me that is the UK. Spain is a beautiful place but not for me and that is why people must do lots of homework before making the move so they are 100% sure it is right for them.

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