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May 7, 2003
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Twyford, Reading
Sculpt with your brush not your file!

I am just beginning my education and have recently applied a set of acrylic tip and overlays to myself. Putting them on my left hand was ok, as I am right handed but putting them on my right hand wasnot as good and consequently had to file a lot more to get a good look. It is so much work to file! I can see why you should work on your sculpting skill and do as little filing as you have to, beside the health and safety issue it must be so much simpler!

I guess everybody here already know this, but I though I would share my discovery with you! I've been bitten by the nail bug (ouch..sounds painful!!) and am really enjoying my course

Hi Mandy, and welcome to the board
It took me a looooooong time to learn the art of sculpting with the brush and not the file, good luck with your course.
thanks Debs!

We've been teaching this philosophy in all Creative classes for 20 years, But you would be surprised how FEW people do it. So much more efficient time wise, work wise, moneywise, and for the 'health' of the product wise. :D

Another good one is 'Work SMART not HARD" and my most favorite is --

If you don't MAKE dust ... you EAT dust!! I love that!
geeg said:
If you don't MAKE dust ... you EAT dust!! I love that!

I assume u mean If you make dust you eat dust *snicker* :rofl:

I just wanted to say that I printed off your pink and white tutorials and yesterday afternoon sat down to practice and I must say your detailed instructions really helped me. I now have the 'feel' for the white, which I think is what you were trying to convey.

Just a very big thank you ! It's given me the confidence to keep practicing the technique :D
I love to learn and I love to think I am still moving forward, so I have another saying that I like too.

Keep doing what you're doing and you'll only get what you've got!
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