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Claire C

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Jul 22, 2009
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Cleveland, UK
Hi, this is my first critique so please be gentle, I am training!!!

I have used L and P and white tips, haven't got to sculpting yet! I would like to know from you geeks your professional opinions regarding shape length apex etc, basically am I on the right track?
Gorgeous first set - makes me so embarrassed thinking back on my own first attempt!!!
Over all, nice nails, just a couple of little bits for you to tweak:hug:
Your side walls could do with bringing in just a little bit more to cut down on the fan shape, it's not a lot, just a couple more sweeps with your file will bring them in nice and paralel. If you look at the little finger you will see that zone 3 is not as flush as it could be, but the rest of the hand looks good.
There are 2 ways of dealing with this, you can file down a bit more or and this is only with NSI, (don't do this with CND it wont like it) you can work with a wetter bead for zone three which makes it a lot slower setting and gives you a lot more movment when you are patting down near the cuticle.
Lastly, :lol: when dealing with a client who has short nail beds, until you learn sculpting and or custom blending, try using well less tips so that you can place the tips right at the edge of the clients natural free edge and make the nail beds look as long as possible.
These are far better then my first sets of nails and worth paying for, well done xx
Thanks Susie H, that was just the kind of advice I'm looking for! It's easy to look at your own work and think they look ok, but I do think it's good to have somebody else's to let you know where you can improve. Thanks C x

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