My first L&P Critique


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Jan 27, 2007
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This is, I think, my 6th or 7th full set of L&P.

Not experienced in taking the photos so I hope they can be seen OK.



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Lovely if only your 7th or so set... a little work on your apex's needed.. they look a little flat and go upwards leading into the top of zone 1 (smile line) when u look at the nail from the side it should have a lovely even arch leading from zone 3 to 1 :) otherwise looking good chook!
I'm not a nail tech, but they look so natural to me!
How d'you call the free edge shape roundly/squared o sqare/rounded?
Well done!:)
Thanks for your comments.

You're right about the apex - it's not something I had noticed until it was obvious in the photos :rolleyes:. Will work on that.
Anyone else???????????
I think they are good for only your 7th set.
The length is nice and the smile lines do look consistent and pretty sharp. I would have liked to have been able to enlarge the photo for a closer look though!!!
The surfaces do look pretty even and smooth with no obvious imperfections. You are aware of the apex so I won't say too much about that, although that will come with experience.
One thing I will say...and I am particularly strict about this when I critique students work....where is the shine? Maybe it is the pic, but they just don't look as if they have been buffed to a high shine. Get some elbow grease onto that Girlfriend buffer girl!! I said the surface looks smooth so you managed the tricky bit so no excuse not to get a shine!!

Overall I think you are doing well, so stop stressing.
I like them...nice length...nice whites...nice smiles...i think they look good....i would be more than happy to wear them x
i like the nice bright white free edge. good squ-oval shape, very practical for clients. just need to work on the thickness and put the bump in the stress point. really good for just your first few sets, think how good your gonna be in another 6 sets!! well done keep it up : )

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