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May 12, 2003
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Okay, help needed!

I have a lovely older Lady who comes to me for a Natural Nail Overlay. Today she came in to book a rebalance and her Husband came with her.

He had bad eczema a fair few years ago and had to use various creams to clear it up. His middle finger nail has grown funny. His doctor said that it is down to the creams he used.

Now, it looks like it would if the nail bed had been ripped off and failed to grow back properly. He does have a nail there but it is not fully developed.

He is embarrassed by this and would like me to cover it up in some way.

Any suggestions?
Well love sounds like he has been on steroid cream, strong stuff.........
How much natural nail has he got left, enough to at least tidy it up with an overlay????

But be carefull, is the eczema still active???? Product could be agrrevating it?????
just a thought
get a docs note before you do any service...........

love Ruth xxxxxx
Yeh there is enough.

I have told him that an overlay may be the best way to go, but he needs to check with his Doctor first of all. I gave him my number to give to the Doctor should he need to speak to me about it.

Apparently the eczema cleared up a couple of years ago. Is that what steroid cream does? That is appalling!
Well thats good news then, if you like you can use the Fabric# and build him a nice little nail, just a thought , less dust from tidying it up, and you can sculpt a nice new nail for him with this..........

love Ruth xxxxx
Before and after piccies are great for this....add it to your portfolio
That does sound like a good idea! (I would have to buy the kit and practise first, but I'm sure I can do that!)

Would I just shape it out of the fibreglass? What will happen if some of the product touches the skin? Would I put a tip on first and file it down to the size and shape of the rest of his nails? :?
You can create a tip with the Fabric# system...................

But if you are not familar with this, then I would use a tip on the poor chap.............
Not because I don't think you could successfully sculpt a nail out of fibreglass, but it does take some practice and patience to get it right.........
But if you want to practice lol ............
go girl go, but not onthe poor chap lol lol lol

If you are worried about product touching the skin, you can use a Sculpting form and rest the Fibreglass on there and build a nail this I said takes practice but hey you are a Tech, you make something out of nothing, looking foward to hear about this .....

love Ruth xxxx
Thank You for your help, I'll be sure to let you know how it goes! :D
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