My first sets of nails


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Apr 5, 2004
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I would love if you could take a look at the nail i've donne so far and pointing out to me any way that i can improve them.
You can view my pics at

I would looove to get reviews from all you geeks out there :)
They are looking pretty fab. Practice is certainly the key to it. I did all my initial practice with Essential nails and a year on I am about to open my salon (next week). Practice practice practice. Don't forget though, the nail trainer is a great tool, but you cant beat working on a real person. Just to get used to how they move and poke and examine your work. It is really good for your confidence to try out on some of your friends and family, when you are more confident.

All the very best for the future
They look good for a first set, certainly better than what i produced first time. As previously said the more practise you get the better you get. And of course as much training as you can afford.

I've got some piccies in the gallery of first nail sets i've done on people, they aren't bad but still along way to go. keep it up.
They look fab!!! The ackzentz white gel looks really good. I am currently using NSI Balance gel. Love the pink but not very happy with the white sculpting gel.

Luv Marjorie
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