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Mar 30, 2003
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Hello everyone,

I'm a virgin chatroom geek and need help with my first time! How do I add a picture like what Geeg has?

And any chatroom etiquette would be appreciated. Is the whole CAPITAL letter thing a complete no, no?

Looking forward to chatting soon - I hope.

Yup no CAPITOLS it's considered SHOUTING :cus: !!!! I'm so glad you're here Claire, a big welcome!!! ;) Sam will probably answer the other question as I don't know how!! See you soon! :thumbsup:
Hi Claire!!!

So good to see you on the member list!!! If you want to have a private chat, use the private message facility and we can talk. I'd love to catch up with you again. XX
Hi Claire, and welcome to the board, look forward to chatting with you in our chat room. I have PM`d you regarding posting pics on the board
Welcome to the board Hun,
Enjoy the long evenings, the bags under the eyes, the laughs and giggles and oh yes the Chatroom.................
Most importantly make themost of the wealth of knowledge here.......
Encyclopedia Britannica nope The geek Site has more usefull information then all those books on the shelf........but then again........ I never goto bed without Doug!!!!! Nail structure and product Chemistry..I will get top score on Geek quizz yet lol ................
love Ruth xxx
Hi Clare

Welcome to the geek site. I only joined last month and have spent more time on this site than with my kids, it is truly addictive and really puts a smile on your face to know that your part of a family of mad nail people!

Love Chocolate. x

PS i do not know how to do pics either, i will learn very soon!
hi and welcome to the board you will love it here it is very addictive ,but you will learn loads
bout time you popped round ;)

Glad you did.
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