My IBD Intense Seal is yellowing?


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Dec 28, 2007
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I am just wondering if anyone else that uses it has experienced this or if this is yet another one of my products that needs to be replaced. I really like the uv sealers with the brush in them and preferably one that doesn't need to be "wiped" after. If anyone knows of one that doesn't yellow for 3 weeks straight please let me know! :green:
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I love Young Nails uv finish gel or NSI. Both are no wipe and have never yellowed on me. Even with sunbed users.
I've used Intense Seal for a few years & have never had it yellow. It actually that purple tinge to it so it brightens the nails & makes them look less yellow.
Both of my bottles have that purple tinge to them as well. I just got a sample of the YN Finish and it's a much thinner consistency if that's a consideration.

I also use Intense Seal and never had a problem with yellowing. Are you or your client using dyes, sunbeds or smoking?
I have always used intense seal religiously and never had this problem - I would get onto your supplier and tell them.
Are you keeping it out of direct sunlight - or your lamp???? and in a cool dry place whilst its not in use ???
Is is the Product itself that is yellow or the nails are yellowing? I've never had a problem with Intense Seal; I love it! If it's nails that are yellowing, is is all clients or just a couple?
Is it contaminated? I've never had this problem tbh
Iv never had a problem with intense seal yellowing. Could your client be using fake tan solution.
if its yellowing on all of your clients, then maybe its a dud bottle?? cant say i have ever had that problem tho.
Or maybe your actual acrylic brush is contaminated causing the yellowing?
If its yellowing only on a few then prob would be something the client is coaming into contact with eg. fake tan, heavy smoker:eek:, or hair colour, spices even polish?
maybe it's c**p all over the nails before you put it on.

Kitkat, what training have you had ?
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