my mum..


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Fab Freak

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Dec 16, 2003
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Bondsville, West Yorkshire
... I think my mum is splendid, her comments and support on my one 2 one yesterday were fabulous she was so patient sitting for me and the best part was she was thrilled with her enhancments, she has never had them before and I think she might be converted...which is great..

Plus shes the first person ever I have sculpted on which is a nice memory for me
I think my mum is splendid too - she has been my guinea pig since i started with nails and she is my best critic. in fact im taking her with me when i do my conversion course on thursday. what would we do without them eh. i love my mum to bits
I think my mum is splendid too - even though I hardly ever see her right now! :cry:
Same for me My Mum has very severe rhuemotoid Arthritis and her hands arebadly disformed, But her nails always look fantastic and people always comment on them.
My Mum is definatley my best customer!

She has massages, enhancements, manicures, pedicures, spray tans and nail art.

She is a true diamond and she is the rock supporting me through all my business troubles and I love her with all my heart.

(Unfortunatley she's just gone to the south of france for 3 weeks so I will miss her tons!)
I have to say i cant practise on my mum as she lives in Spain, and my mum in law only lets me practise manicures on her , so not as fortunate, never mind.