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Peppercorn Nails

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Jan 12, 2003
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Bildeston, Ipswich
Well just to let you all know.........last night I finally sat down and did my OWN nails in forever french (ahhh).

I've been humming and haaing about it for the past 2-3 months (previously had my natural nails on display) thinking about going to a salon and having them done. The problem is, the only place I would be happy to go is where I used to work (also Creative) and I live over an hour away. Initial set is fine but of course it's every 2 weeks there on in. That's alot of time (and money as they are more expensive than me!) lost doing that. The other thing of course, is that I can do (what I've been told by my clients :oops: ) very nice P&W's. So why should I pay somebody else to do it!!

I'll tell you why, because I was too damn scared about how they would come out. Well let me tell they are by no means perfect, but they are one helluvalot better than I could ever imagined and to be frank (I'm not, I'm Dellie ;) ) they're an awful lot better than some of the nails I've seen!!

Anyway, the moral to this story............if you don't try you'll never know ;)

Toodle loo
Ok Dellie or Frank,
lets see the little beggars or are you teasing and planning a grand comming out party,that would be cool mine is a voddy and orange, no ice please
love Ruth xxx
well done Dellie, so wheres the piccie then???????
You`re braver than I am, I can only do one hand so I have to pay to have mine done until I become ambi-whatever(thats one word I can`t spell)
Ahhhhh ladies, alas I do not own a digi cam. Tried to convince my sweet husband that we needed one to photo our little girlies and that it would save oh so much money on developing costs! Anyway, one day.........

So my nails..........4 days major problems, small amount of lifting on right hand which is fair enough and a few of chips off the free edge - possibly down to L&P ratio! Worst thing I think is the fact that they are quite fat (egyptian hat - I think!!), certainly not what I would class as satisfactory for my clients. They need refining down by the side walls which would take away some of the fatness but certainly not up for photoing (ooherr!!). But hey, who of us when we first started up could paint our own right hand (or left for you leftie bunch)? who of us could paint a good french mani? who of us could apply a good smile line in L&P/gel?

This is my point, with a little time and practise it does get easier (please, please, please :D )

oh yes it Dellie ;)
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