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:D :D Thanks everyone for taking time to look at the site, thanks for the comments too! My sister does all the work on it though,bless her :flower:
It should be due for an update soon so i'll mention the spelling mistake and the phone number!

thanks again, Kelly xx :thumbsup:


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Oct 22, 2003
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West yorkshire
:D hiya all,

Has anyone got around to looking at my website yet? :bouncy: (well my sisters really with a little space for me). It still needs some work though let me know what you think.

see ya, Kelly.

ps. click on the Nail Design heading instead of the little picture at first as this brings all the pictures instead of just one!!! told you it still needed work and obviously more pictures!
Hi there,
Had a look at your website, nice one!.I too am in west yorkshire.
Just one thing you have spelling mistake sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is on contact us, you left the "T" out and just had conact.

hi your web site is lovely, really classy , love dee
Good work, clean and elegant, congrats on U Jinxx its a nice display.

Kat meow
Hi Jinx
Nice site babe nice and fresh says it all and easy to use.

Fab well done

Take care Dawnie xx
Lovely website and pics. Only thing I noticed was I had trouble reading your telephone number in the fancy script - and that's one thing you don't want people missing! ;)

Nice One Kelly!
Pleasing on the eye and easy to navigate!


I think your sister has done a great job, it's easy to navigate and looks elegant.

(I did notice some typo's in the airbrush tanning info - a capital W mid sentence and an o instead of a 0 in the 20 mins - hope this makes sense).

I'm hoping that my other half will find time to do my web site soon.
Kelly - I think your site looks really super!! Well Done! :thumbsup:
hiya kelly
great site!
i'm v.envious, i really should get around to getting 1 done :oops:
just 1 comment, after looking at your prices, i noticed that your nail prices are considerably cheaper than your face & body treatments (using treatment times as a guide)
considering you use quality products for both your nails & facials etc i would've expected a more equivalent price comparison
ie £24 for a facial, & £24 for a rebalance, which in theory you probably spend more time on the rebalance, instead of £24 for facial, & £16 for rebalance.
is this price system typical of your area?
because your prices for waxing & facials r v.similar to our salon's prices, but your nail prices r considerably lower.
your nails look lovely in your gallery, so that can't b the reason that the prices r lower.
i'm just intriqued that's all!
hope i made sense!
lol liza xx
hiya liza, :D :D

Thanks for your comments they made total sense, the beauty pages are my sisters (she's mobile) and the nail page is mine thats why the prices are different, I don't do beauty any more as i found i loved doing nails much more. Unfortunately the nail prices are typical of the area where i work (i've even had a salon undercutting me charging £20 a set & free infill?) :evil: but although its really anoying i dont let it bother me as i've found that my clients generally always stay with me anyway! I am thinking of putting my prices up in 2004 as they have been the same for a while now but you always have a little niggling doubt that clients will go to a cheaper salon! :(

see ya, Kelly
Nice and clean and easy to negotiate...........
I like it very much
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