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miss evo

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Nov 24, 2013
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Hi i just bought a tip display rack to show clients some nail art ideas. I was just wondering would i still need to apply a base coat before the gelish? x
I don't use Gelish but assume it'd be the same process as Shellac, I don't use a base coat just go straight into the colour coats.

No just start with the colour coat
thank you girlies much appreciated xx
Same, colour coat straight onto the display thingy.

Just to add, don't leave it in a window or with the sun on it, I did this with my Shellac displays at first and after a couple of weeks, the pink/red shades were all a bit lighter, so clients would choose one thing, and get something a couple of shades darker, complete nightmare and had me pulling my hair out!:eek:

Just to say!
Hi blossom thanx for the tip :). x Also do any of you know where i can get stiletto nail displays from cantfind them anywhere? x
Hi. I looked all over for stiletto/almond color pops and could find nothing :( so sat one night and hand filed 64 pops.. Great sense of achievement though ;)
Hi Ellie so its possible to file them into shape? I am new and want diversity for clients. Do you find stiletto nails more popular than squares now or do you only get the odd stilletto clients? xx
I find them really popular now and tend to do less square. They are really easy to file into any shape..just make sure that you do the same to one side that you do on the other, for symmetry a bit at a time and hold the base of the ' nail .rather than the color pop stick as the stick itself can't take much pressure. Hope that makes sense :) xx
Thanx ellie for ur advice will give it a go :) xx
As well as doing a colour pop, I also smooth down the smallest nail tips then paint them in the right colour then nail glue them to the bottle so I know that I've got exactly the right shade.

The Edge colour pop wheels are very oval/long and are easy to make into a stiletto.
thats a great tip smuff thanx xx

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