Nail Art - First Attempt!!!


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Mar 25, 2003
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Well, I was so inspired by all your nail art that I rushed home and got my paints and brushes out and after two hours I had managed to produce an odd collection of nails that looked like something the cat spewed up!!! :(

I tried French polish using those little sticky stripes to get a clean line, but they left a sticky mess behind. My freehand was too uneven and shaky, so I tried blobbing it on and cleaning it up with a brush and varnish remover and my brush melted!!! All this before I've got anywhere near my acrylic paints! Finally, I had something that resembled a half sucked gob-stopper in the middle of one nail (I was still calling it a flower at this point). I proudly got out my top coat and ended up with a streaky mess!!! :(

Hats off to all you ladies - you make it look a doddle, which it's not!!!

I'm in awe of your talent, but I won't give up - I will persevere!!!


Oh Karen bless ya :D
You know what they say........practice makes perfect :D
I know how you feel as my first nail art resembles something like you have just mentioned.
Have a look on Chsistie is so talanted with nail art :salute: she has some wonderfull step by steps on her site well worth a look.
Just keep on rocking lol
Good luck Dawnie
Aw karen! Practise makes perfect!! When i first started doing nail wasnt even art! Just random messy blobs all over my nails! I thought they looked so good :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: lol!! Just start out with simple shapes and ideas then as you get more confident with holding and angling your brush and applying paint, you can begin to challenge yourself with other designs :D Im intending to make up a nail art help sheet soon (when I have no homeowkr or anything that neess to be done!!!)

Hi Layla & Dawn,

Christie's nail art is amazing, isn't it? In fact, it was after sneeking a peek at her website yesterday during my lunch break that I decided to go home and have a try myself! Not only is she good, but I was amazed at how prolific she is too! Something to aspire to!

Layla, I also love your spring fashion nails. In particular the green one in the middle. The resolution isn't so good on my PC - is it an army camoflarge theme? I love that idea!

And when you've done that Nail Art Help sheet be sure to send me a copy - I REALLY need it!!!

I have a two week holiday coming up soon, and my boyfirend doesn't know it yet, but I'm gonna sneak my paints into the suitcase and have a practice while he's on the golf course.

I'll let you know if I make any progress.

Kind regards,

LOL i took my nail stuff with me when I went on holiday!!haha! Oh its too obsessive!! I'll deff let you know when I've done my nail art sheet...I did one ages ago but it was on my old computer....and my brother very kindly wiped off all the files from it :(

Yea its an army camouflage one with a white fishnet disgn to one corner and a chain hanging rom it ;) It was a mad day when I did that one!!

Nail art is difficult when you first start but as Layla said the more you practice the more confident you become. If you go to my website and look at my gallery the large nail board includes a lot of my first attempts which I absolutely loathe now but it's funny because my clients still think they're fab :?

Talking of taking nail stuff on holiday, I took a load of nail art stuff with me on my honeymoon and I ended up earning a fortune as I started doing everyone's nails around the pool :D As soon as a couple of people had theirs done and others saw as they walked past they asked if they could have theirs done too!!!
LOL yea that rings a bell.
We go to Goa in the winter and I like to take all my gear with me, to paint my nails or do a repair or replace some.
Well as you can imagine I dont care where I do them, as long as I can do my nails. So I end up with tourists and locals round the pool wanting their nails done. Ended up with loads of massages from the local girls and ciggies and drinks as payment from the tourists.The last time I did it , I was offered a job in the Hotel as resident Techie, no Nail Techs in Goa I would have cornered the market lol. But then I thought of Darling Daughter back in the cold London air and thought........She will be so mad if I dont come home.........
So needless to say I didn't take the job. but they offered me top wages lol 700 rupees a day about £10 then and food and Room. Hubby thought he got lucky and would get free Hols from now on. sorry Babe....... lol.
Love Ruth
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