Nail art parties.


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Jan 12, 2003
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I'm sure I've read something about this topic before but cant find it so forgive me if I'm bringing up an old one! :rolleyes: I was asked the other day by a group of ladies if I would attend one of their 'girlie get togethers' and paint their nails and do some art on them. Lots of free flowing wine and getting paid to paint - my idea of heaven. Do any of you ladies do these kind of evenings and if so how much do you charge?. Thanx.
  • :oops: Oops just seen 'parties' subject in main topic as a new subject but, mine is for adults and I just want to know how much you guys think I should be charging.
Hi gloria,

there is a thread on the main board headed "Ladies Night's what do you do". This is slightly different to what you are asking about, but may still give you some ideas.

As to pricing, it will all depend on what you do - you need to look at your prices and charge accordingly.

Does this help in any way whatsoever or have I just wasted my finger muscles LOL.
Well hun,
What fab idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would charge according to the amount of time it takes to do a design, the longer and more intricate it is the more it will cost.
Also set a firm price for gemstones, or other nice bits you can stick on the nails, little nail charms aso.
Nail charms are a great seller at party's, easy to do and they look so cute.

Exquiste Creations do loads in gold or silver, or if you want just fun stuff Ka-s-Ra or Alan Roy and I believe Palms Nails do them, so do Claire's Accessories.
Happy Partying
Love Ruth xxxx
Hi Nails in London 1 - Don't you think that Exquisite Creations are REALLY expensive though?? I used to buy their nail jewellery off them and could hardly sell them for a profit at all!! :( :(
Hiya Gloria

I am doing my first nail art party on Tuesday pukeon Just to give you a slight idea of how I'm feeling about it!! I rang the girl today, and she thinks there will be about 15 people there......excuse me, quick dash to the loo, I get nervous just thinking about it!

I'm going to give a 10 minute talk and then do a mini manicure with polish and just 2 fingers of nail art, i may not have enough time for any more, depending on my many people want this service. I will be charging £4-£5. I will also take along my retail items. Hopefully I shall make a bit of money, but the main thing is to get myself known and attract new clients.

Good luck
Sue x
hi the nail order catologue do jewellery for nails at 95p...bargain ey!!! andthey do lovely transfers for 99p...ok for childrens parties dont u fink... ;)
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