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Sep 14, 2006
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Hi, I want to add nail art to my mani's & ped's but not sure what to charge.

I will only be doing free hand and I can do the basics, flicks, flowers, tiger stripes etc and add gems etc.
What should you charge for the gems? I have at the mo a selection on different coloured hearts (very ickle ones!), i also have glitter and stars.

Only thing is how do u add the glitter without getting it everywhere? remember im doing this on Natural Nails.
And, i found when practising it, i ended up with small amounts of glitter on my top coat brush and then in the bottle (luckily it was one i just use for practice).. do you need something to mix the glitter with first to be able to paint it on or do you add the stripes or whatever pattern to the nail with top coat (applied using nail art brush?) and then 'dust' the glitter over it?.. Then how do you seal it with top coat without smudging it or dragging it over the nail??

I have a 'fan' brush with my nail art brush set - what do u do with it??:eek:
I think the price depends on how intricate the design is... with nailart you should charge for your time and have a sliding scale of price dependant on the design.

Look through the striper pens on the above link, they do metallic ones as well as glitter ones.
It's much easier to use the glitter striper pens and to seal just apply a generous application of top coat.

I charge £1.50 per nail for a simple design like three flicks and a gem then £2.50 per nail for design with something like flowers and a couple of gems, if they want all ten done then I would give a little discount. For individual rhinestones normally charge 60p each.
The fan brush is good if you have an opaque metalic paint just to do effects with drag it across the nail with a small amount of paint on a dry brush. i also wondered what it was for when i got mine until i was enlightened by my college course there may be something else you can do with it but i'm not sure.
As to gems i charge from .20p per gem per nail depending on size and shape also if swarovski i charge from £1.00 each.
I also use a glitter liner polish which is much easier than glitter powder as you can be more precise with them they also come in a range of colours.
jen xx

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