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Magical Touch

Dec 2, 2003
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I had a client today and I am puzzled by what has happened. :?

I have painted the extensions then I have super striped them like tiger stripes, with black acrylic paint............

I have then top coated them but the stripes have gone wiggley, I made sure that they was dry first but it has made no diffference, really cant work out why this is happening..........

Also I have tried three different top coats.

Please help solve this one..
Make sure you do not use a 'quick drying' top coat.

These top coats have more thinners in them (which is why they dry faster) and they tend to 'melt' and smudge your work. Best to use something like Creative Super Shiney top coat or a nail art specific top coat. Make sure the quality is good. The cheaper the topcoat, the more likely your work will be spoiled.

By the way ... welcome to the site, and I hope you find it a useful tool for your business. Your profile does not tell us much about you?? How about a little history and maybe even a name? We are a friendly bunch here and you are obviously not shy (first post on the first day/hour of joining). Would love to hear more.
Thanks for that.. :)

I have tried the Orly In a Snap Top Coat & also Northern Lights Hologram Top coat and also nail creations none of these say they are quick drying.......
Hi Michelle,
I have also found when top-coating nail-art that the 3 stroke method is a must.
Load your brush so as not to drag it over your art, make your 3 strokes down the nail quick and gentle. Over doing this bit nearly always smudges the art. ;)
Magical Touch said:
I have tried the Orly In a Snap Top Coat & also Northern Lights Hologram Top coat

Well 'In a snap' sounds like a quick dry to me and Northern lights is contained in 'Out the Door' which is a fast-dry top coat.

As gloria says if you are going to use this type of top coat then you must apply lightly and quickly and don't drag your brush or smudges will definitely happen.
Thanks ever so much girls, wll try that on my full set tomorrow as its my day off today :D

By the way If any one is interested I am selling my nail creations airbrush, used only once.. Look on the classifieds

Michelle 8)
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