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Sep 16, 2003
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barnsley, south yorks
hi all,
I've not been in nails long only since march this year and i'm wanting to start doing nail art, i've bought quite a few nail art books but was wondering which courses you guys went on. There is spangles nail art course in my area, any good?

any info would be greatly appreciated

thanks x
I did not take any classes just played around on my own, of course I am not that great just simple. Mainly look at other peoples work ask them questions if you can, watch people at shows or conventions as they work and check out the step by steps in the nail mags!
:D Hi there

I agree with Finger Nail Fixer. Practice is your best advantage. Or I would recommend the essential nails airbrush video ( I bought mine of e-bay for £23.00). I am shy and preferred to practice on my own before trying on customers. It is cheaper than an airbrush course and you can stop and rewind the tape. But looking in mags and watching other people is also brill!
i never went on any nail art courses . i just use my imagination and that helps alot . so if you have paints and a crazy imagination then just go for it and see what happens you may even suprise yourself......... I DID

love faye xxxxxxx
thankyou all for your helpful replies,

I have great imagination and love learning, and i practice practice all the time on my hand trainer. The main reason i wanted to go on course was for pricing ideas, I too am shy and find it difficult telling someone how much things are. Especially if i dont really know what the going rate is.

think i'm gonna try and get vid of ebay.

thanks again xx
as for pricing........ well i charge for the amount of time it takes to do

for example if one nail takes ten minutes then charge around £3 per nail ...........

also this works well for detailed work to ...............

the going rate is around £5 to £15 for a full set of nail art nails..............

i am sure you will correct me if i am wrong, just dont shoot me :D

love faye xxxxxxx

happy painting
.. self taught and i'm going in next months scratch mag (cant wait thanks alex) so copy as many of mine as you can.. all the trade mags have step by steps on especially nail pro on the website there are many many step by steps... go to the gallerys.. just paint a nail and then practise/ practise /practise good luck
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