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Aug 21, 2007
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Worksop, Notts
Got my first `nail extension with shells` client yesterday. I have done man & peds so far but this young girl was my first tips. Problem was, she was a nail biter, with really bad dry cuticles.Her nails were a decent lenght but she had bitten them right back. So it took me ages to clean the nail bed & find a tip that fitted. It added an extra hour onto my work including the consultation. Next problem was she didnt want sculptured tips as she doesnt like them. So i told her we could try tips & see how we get on but advised her that as she has no free edge at all, they may lift. With also being a nail biter, they may lift quickly. I covered all sides to cover myself. She wasnt really bothered what i did anyway. She just wanted them on. I was a bit dissapointed with the end result but she was perfectly happy. I think i could have done something outragous & she wouldn`t have cared less. So for future ref, i now know that extra question to ask when they phone up for an appointment.
I have looked into the `nail biter` section, but cant seem to find the right answer.
So can someone answer my question please. What is your advice for a nail biter? How do you sculpt onto a biter with no free edge at all? What if they are adament that they dont want sculptured tips, only tips.
What do i do? Puzzled.
Below is lifted from an article I wrote for Professional Beauty some while ago. Maybe you will find it useful.

To answer your last question, you do what the client asks you to do.

Pro Beauty Article

There are several advantages when offering a sculpted nail service over the tip and overlay service.

If one is a proficient sculptor/nail artist then a full set of sculpted nails is both quicker and cheaper to perform. Nail tips are often the most expensive product used when producing a full set so a saving is obvious right from the start.

Artistic freedom is another advantage to the nail artist. Not bound by a pre-moulded shape, which may not suit every individual, the sculptor has the freedom to customise each set to each individual and save on the amount of filing and shaping needed to customise a tip.

Nail strength must also be considered an added extra, as the bond to the nail of the sculpting material is stronger than the bond created by adhesive.

The only disadvantage I can think of concerns the ‘badly bitten’ nail; in this instance in my opinion, one can achieve more easily a beautiful, sleeker-looking result using a pre-moulded tip as opposed to sculpting.

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