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Jan 11, 2006
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i had a new customer who wants acrylic nails for her wedding day next week, i told her to come a have a manicure and to choose a design. When she came omg no nails only skin, she bites them right down only to leave skin overlaping on her nails. I suggested to have pinks and whites with custom blend but very short with glitter in the white and perhaps a dimantie on her free edge, she not keen on that (everyone has that) she has gone for an airbrushed design.

The one on the left is the one i choose without the pearls just pink and white or with a dimantie on the ring finger. The one on the right is the one she wants ( i know i will have to do the custom blend colour underneath which is shown in the one by it)

I have read the threads ect on here about bitten nails, but no nails any tips. I will be using formation tips on her with the well out and saddle them if need be.


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How much nail plate does she actually have? I have been successful with 4mm nail plates but I sculpt and don't tip.
i would say the dead skin overlaped the nail that's how short. She bites all around her nail so she has alot of hard skin aswell so i told her every night for 10 mins dip her nails in warm olive oil to soften the skin round the edge so she wont bite anymore. I did ofter her cuticle oil but she said she wouldn't follow the routine. You can't help them if they can't help themselves but wants perfect nails on the day. She is going on her honeymoon and wants them to last till them. TBH i don't think they will last 3 weeks
I doubt they will last 3 days (thats no reflection on your work either) In all honesty I would say to her I am sorry but I cannot help you, if you had come to me 6 months earler we could have worked together to help your nails grow and be strong and long for your wedding day

Shes admited that she wont stick to the schedual re cuticle oil.

What ever you do.. dont promise perfect nails at all.. u can all by try to apply product to that foundation but in all honesty I dont think you will have much luck getting it to stay there and certainly not at the length she has chosen.. you did right by offering short and tidy.. shes silly to want what she doesnt understand she currently cant have (logically)
to be honest she will be lucky if they last her to the top of the aisle:lol:

how long have you got until the wedding ?

i really feel for you mate, she cant be bothered to use some cuticle oil and yet she expects you to perform a miracle to cure the years of abuse she has inflicted upon her nails.

i love doing nailbiters and have done some clients with only 3-4mm of growth with great success. i always sculpt on a bad biter too with a coverage powder to extend the length of the nailbed. but you really need their cooperation in the early stages.

you can only do your best, but you must make her understand that the amount of wear she will get from the set directly relates to the amount of nail she leaves for you to work with.
Her best solution would be in all honesty a set of double side tape stick ons! for the wedding afternoon.. I can see heart break here.. I'd still say sorry but u should have come to me earlyer, at this late stage u simply do not have enough nail bed for the enhancement to bond to. :(
Cripes you should change your job title from Nail Tech to Miracle Worker for what she wants,

I do find it funny how they get everything else organised and then the nails come last. Given everyone asks to look at the ring, and it shows up in all the wedding pics you'd think she'd have booked this when she ordered the cake, the dress, the hair and the venue! Now she expects you to perform miracles in less than a week. No way Jose!

I advise any bride to be to have their nails done at least a fortnight before the big day to give them a chance to get used to working with the nails, and then have a rebalance the day before the wedding. And with someone like this I would say SIX MONTHS!!!! And not only does she want miracles, but nail art too?! I'd have tried to have talked her out of this and gone for a natural look.

Chances are she'd going to have a few pingers and then they are going to look really awful, with some bitten stubbies and some with nail art! I think it would ruin her day ... in fact I have visions of her walking up the aisle and biting them off as she goes leaving a trail of your good work on the floor behind her! Sort of a nail confetti really!!!

I think your only option is either natural or the dreaded stick ons ... and as said, if she can't even be arsed to use cuticle oil for a week then she is a lost cause. Sorry hun but you needed to be a lot firmer with her and rammed home how you really are a nail tech and not Harry Potter! :hug: Let us know how you get on xxx
Ive had a few customers like that, not an easy job :|
She is in this Friday so i will do some before and after pics for you. Thanks for your help.
I have had clients with hardly any natural nail,keep the enhancement very short thus helping prevent breakages.Good luck,be guided by your experience,not her needs.HTH
This is the first time I have replied to a thread asking for technical help because usually I cant imagine my advice would be any use when there are sooo many really experienced techs on this site, but in this case I might have something to offer - I have plenty of practice putting tips on missing nails!! Here's my tuppence and what I do, having tried and tested just about EVERY combination of sculpting and tips imaginable. This is what lasts longest and looks the best imo.

- apply solar oil to entire nail including eponychium if present, and exposed nail bed
- prepare your tip which once applied will fit snuggly butting up against eponychium and extend up nail plate/bed.
- apply acrylic to exposed nail bed. Better to apply too much acrylic at this stage than too little.
- Before acrylic has set press tip on to the acrylic and squidge around until you get the best position/look. If you are dealing with an entirely missing nail, at this stage you can start to mould an eponychium and lateral walls using your brush on the acrylic which squishes out the sides - this eventually gives a much more natural look once you're finished, however depending on the client you might not need to do this.
-Once your happy with the tip position and look, hold in place until acrylic sets - give it a couple of minutes
- Then gently remove the tip which will have stuck fast to the acrylic and you will basically have created a nail on the top and a mould underneath.
- At this stage you can tidy up any acrylic which may have got squidged round the sides by filing it off
Clean the nail plate and do as thorough prep as possible before applying gelbond to both the underside of the mould and the nail bed itself. Apply the mould and hold in place until it sets. Generally I would then apply polish because my custom blending needs work!!!:eek:
imho the most natural looking, easiest and longest lasting way to make a missing nail look virtually normal. No-one can tell the difference. The reason it lasts longer is because gelbond is much more effective on skin than acrylic. Acrylic applied directly would ping off in a matter of hours. Gelbond will last days. hth.x

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