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Nov 5, 2003
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when someone has been gnawing at their nails for years, the hyponichium seems to creep closer and closer toward the cuticle. if a client can kick the habit is it possible to reverse the process or will the nail bed be permanently shortened? thanks all.
I have found that the nail bed does eventully lengthen again, although it does take time. Take a look at the following
let your cursor rest over the last picture on this page to realy see the difference :D
Sawasdee ka pretty nails

When i see the photo of lady nail b4 i have big shock but you take care very good and is very good story to see and read ka .

Lady very very happy you for sure .

Kop khun ka mui ka
Vanessa that last picture really says it all, those P&W's look beautiful on her! You have a client for life now and I bet she is just thrilled to pieces!

That's really great Vanessa, well done!!! Client for Life for Sure!!! :thumbsup:
what fantastic results, though its hard to understand how any one can inflict so much damage on themselves in the first place. i rekon mine would be like that if they tasted of chocolate ! the client im enquiring for is my sister in law and her nails are in much better condition than alisons were when she came to you. were hoping that by having some acrylic on for a couple of months it might just serve as a reminder for her not to bite , and hopefully she can kick the habit and go over to manicures.
Yes, both of them have been regular clients for a while now. My advice for nail nibblers is to do then short, make sure they use solar oil daily and do a special deal with them so they come back weekly for maintenance for a good 6 weeks or so.
:D They end up very happy and reliable customers. :D
Some do break the habit, some don't. Try to be sympathetic, What you have to remember is that it is harder to give up than drugs, smoking or alcohol, coz they are free and in a very HANDY place. :?: Quite often they don't even realise they are nibbling them until it is too late :idea:
Hiya Vanessa

I've often checked your site and was really pleased to see the final installment. What a transformation!

What sort of deal do you offer with these clients and also slightly off post, but what camera do you use (and no. of megapixels)?

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