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Jun 26, 2007
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in the uk
hi all,i have tried looking this up before but cant find it.....1 question....for a nail bitter or person with short nails,working with l&p.if you have to extend the nail so you can fit form under it.would"nt the product get UNDER the nail???? as we all know with forms the product should not get under the nail,if though,you have extended the nail surely the product is under the nail????god i hope this makes sence.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:

the product doesnt get under the nail because the free edge has been bitten off and the rest of the nail plate is adhered to the nail bed.
No need for huge letters.
People are busy, and/or don't know the answer. Patience always pays off.

Yes, some product will get under the nail so to speak, but it will grow out and you can file it off underneath later when/if it starts to show.
A one time shot of getting it on the skin is not likely to cause over-exposure, so don't be over concerned about that.

hth's to answer your question.
just what i needed to know thank you both
if you tailor the form correctly so it buts up to the bitten edge, not a spec of product will touch the skin.
done a set of sculpt nails today took all the advice and as far as im aware there was no product went the the form so thanks alot girls ot all helped me loads xxxx

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