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Nov 20, 2008
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Slough, Berkshire
Evening geeks

I was having a massive debate with my hubby earlier on today.

Ive opened in last year November, home salon. I work full time, so trying to build my business then go part time and eventually leave.

He was saying why not re-train in something if I want to leave my full time job. A job where I can earn a lot more money than in the nails business.

I'm adamant that I haven't trained and spent all this money, to re-train in something else! I don't want to go into a boring office based job for the rest of my life.

It's my passion to one day have my own salon. I love doing nails. Eventually once the nail side picks up I will be introducing more services.

His argument is I can do much more, and have potential to do more. My argument is yes I do have potential but in the nail industry. He thinks there's not enough money in it.

Don't get me wrong he's willing to support me in what ever I decide to do.

I'm thinking of going part time so doing my calculations that if I did would I be able to make that up with my clients, which I can. But right now I'm trying to build my clientele, which I'm finding hard. I'm on every free advertising website, FB, have my own website etc.

I've gone through Lynne post about how to promote your business.

He's point is the max you earn a year is 30k, I said that's not true and once I'm a bit established I can earn more. He says I'm capable of much more of that. But I don't want to earn money in something I don't enjoy doing. I want to build my own business.

Feel like I'm stuck in a rut, and don't know what to do. Hate my full time job, but can't change that until business picks up.

if your hubby is willing to support you hun then the answer is clear... do what makes you happy and enjoy it.. nothing worse than being in a job you hate jst for the money i have done it for 8 years and its time for it to be about me because im currently in the process of opening my own beauty and tanning business and im well excited :)
Yes he's my rock!

So true, I've been in my full time job for the last 13 years and I absolutely hate it. This is why I'm trying to phase it out as soon as business picks up.

Oh that's really nice! Good luck with it all!
Do what makes you happy :) I think you already know the answer! I see many ladies jump into this industry with hopes of making a ton of money, but if that is the reason then its best to try something else :( It can/may take years before you start making any decent living, but as long as you have passion and genuine care for people it will happen

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You have a supportive husband and a passion for nails. Give it a try what's the worse that can happen? I think regret is worse than trying and finding out something is not right for you...

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