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Jan 12, 2003
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With the onset of Spring and Summer, and the possibility of pedis and toenail painting (ie, you can't put your feet in them love - why? because they're still damn wet - how long? oooh about another 1hr or 2 :? ).

So what's the general consensus on nail dryers, do they actually work, do they dull the shine of a top coat, are they worth the money, and finally.....if they do, which one, or ones, are they????


PS, when talking about nail dryers I'm talking about the electric ones, not drops or spray.
Can they not just wear sandles when they come for their pedi? Then there are no worries about smushing the polish..

If a client shows up for a pedi with long jeans on and closed toe shoes..I figure she must be retarded. You are getting a pedicure WOMAN!

You wanna know a secret? I wear thong sandles every single day...EVERY day. I have a million pairs, high ones, low ones, heeled, chunky...every day. If any of you meet me some day...I will be wearing thongs...every day...rain or shine. ;)

Oh..I is not about

I think you should encourage your clients to wear appropriate shoes when they get a pedi. Because truth be told..polish takes a little while to dry. Using a dryer probably really just forces the client to sit longer so the polish can dry.
I second that Christie. I was doing a pedi for a client last night and I made her wear flip-flops (or thongs as you call them - thongs are knickers to us brits!) and it was pouring with rain!!!!

Also, with nail dryers I find that the really stupid ones (sorry, but they are!) put their hands or feet underneath and they scuff the polish! :evil: So what's the point of using one :?:

When my clients ask me how long will the polish take to dry I tell them 'As long as it needs to!' That normally shuts them up!!
okay lets bridge the language barriar..
By knickers do you meant..thong panties? LOL..yes we call a certain style of panties..thongs as well. You know what knickers are to me? Those pants that only go to your knees.

Actually I was trying to use a word that I thought most would understand... here in Hawaii we call thongs/flipflops...slippers. Everyone here calls them slippers and I knew no one else would know what I was talking about if I said that! They would think I meant..big pink fuzzy house shoes. lol

I'm glad you managed to clear this 'thong' issue up!!!! Thought I was going mad!!! :rofl:
Hey Christie (nail art babe of Hawaii)

Last week I decided to treat myself to a pedi. The therapist who booked my appointment never mentioned anything about wearing thongs. However, because I'm highly trained ( :D :D ) and err very clever ( :rofl: ) I put my pink candy striped thongs in my bag.

Enjoyed the treatment, painted my nails and finished with 'out the door' fast drying topcoat. She made me a cup of coffee and left me for about 5mins.

The lady, she came back, checked my nails, told me they were dry, said I was free to go..............I say 'Are you sure they will be ok in my boots?' (winter here). The lady, she says 'Of course they will be'.

This is where 'retarded' comes into play....................I only went and put my little tootsies into my beautiful boots :shock: . Duh, although in fairness she had told me they would be fine, and you never know if you don't try.

Anyway, to allow me some credit, any client coming to me in need of a pedi or polish has always been advised to wear thongs 8) . Have I redeemed myself!!!!


PS. I'd really had the pedi as part of market research (or so I tell myself :D )
Any of you tried the spreadems? I think they are comfy and help keep the toes seperated and no smudgies. I know you said electric dryers, but just gotta tell ya the solar speed spray is a dream!!
Hey Fixer lady

Solar speed spray maybe a dream but does it dry them?

I think that it accelerates the drying yes. I have never tried using it then putting socks on though so you may want to test it but, as far as keeping clients from messing up their nails, they all swear by it.
Idea here :idea:
Here is what I do in the colder months of the year,
I use Thermashield over the polish cure under UV light for 3 Minutes.
I found you can fit one foot under UV light no probs. When that one is cooked pop the other one in and cook for afore mentioned time.
It drys nicely and they are ready to pop their shoes back on.
Just an idea, works for me.
Love Ruth
I love that. I've got Thermoshield and i never thought about doing that! I guess you learn something new every day. 8)

Cheers Ruth!
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