Nail foil strips not staying under UV gel polish


I am a newly qualified technician and thought I would try the foil strips under my UV gel..
I put the base coat then colour and then top and then put the foil on and then another top coat... Within 10 minutes all the foil was peeling off leaving an indentation where they was.
Can anyone help?


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Try putting it on after curing the color coats and apply 2 layers of top coat. Make sure that you are sealing all edges with both layers of top coat, it will most definitely peel if it's not sealed.

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Also make sure that the tape is not tucked up to the nail fold. There needs to be a bit of space between the end of the tape and the side of the nail.
same thing happened to me. if the foil is too long it wants to curl up. I think it has to be nipped just before the edge, if it touches the edge then it starts to curl. I'm also going to put a 2nd topcoat next time because it peeled so easily it was almost as if the gel had run off the foil a bit


Thank you so much I had feeling it could have been that they were a little to long but I think my main problem was putting them on after a top coat. I did do two top coats after but hey ho hopefully I've learnt from my mistake ;)
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