Nail foils with gels


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Hi everyone,
I have just started offering nail art with my gel nails and I was just wondering which is the best way too use foils on gels please? I’ve got lots of foils but don’t know which is best to use them. Do I apply the foils to my sticky layer? Or I do use some type of glue first? Thanks! X


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Either, some Gels don't leave enough of a sticky layer, some leave too much. There is no one answer for all gels and foils, you'll need to test your specific brand.

If there is not enough of a sticky layer, you can try part curing to create one, or use a Foil Glue readily available from your foil seller.


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The new foil gel from Lecente is fantastic! Whole coverage perfected!



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I use CND Shellac and Lecenté foils and the foils stick perfectly to the sticky layer of the second cured colour layer. I place it on, squeeze onto the nail and then use a clean/dry lint pad to 'massage' it on. Not had any problems yet!