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Oct 4, 2003
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Hi Girls and Guys,

I expect LOADS of you have tried these.

Well, when I took my training a few years ago, these were in my pack but I had never used them. Not sure why as I enjoy a challenge!

I used them for the fist time yesterday on a friend, as her nail split short but she did not want a tip. I got these forms out, brushed off the dust and put one of them on her nail. I know how to put them on but they were VERY sticky and when I finished with the gel and tried to take them off, her skin nearly came with it, plus the tip!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shall not use these again, but could someone tell me if they are all like this or can you get non sticky ones?


Hi Lynn

The only forms that l know of that aren't sticky are the plastic or metal forms, l have not tried these myself so don't know if they are any good, read somewhere that the metal forms can make the product set quicker due to them holding heat. The stickyness of your forms are due to the length of time you have had them, try new ones, these forms l find can give you the chance of making a nice c-curve.

If you try the others let me know what you think of them, have fun.

I love these forms because they are so sticky, it is true that they give a finger wax when you remove them LOL but compared to the less sticky type they do stay where they are put. When removing I tear the top bit and pinch the sides together, pull away slowly side to side and it will come off a treat.

Another tip I find useful when applying forms is to insert a very small amount of blue tack (put in place with an orange stick) under the form to make sure the bond between natural nail and form is tight.

Thanks girlies,

I did wonder if I had had them too long - I will buy some more to see if there is a difference.

Never thought of using bluetack to keep the form against the nail - the forms are very difficult to move once they have been put against the free edge, so I will try this one also.



P.S. do people have problems in using their smilies sometimes?
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