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Hi there. I started my nail career with beginner course at Star Nails and then moved on to Creative Complete, then did Balancing Act, Creative Illusions, Lets Get Real and Makeover Magic and am one assessment from N.V.Q. Qualification. Is it necessary for me to do the Master Certificate by Creative???
Congrats on all your achievements.

If you are referring to Maters Qualification Day in order to get your NVQ... its not necessary though... if you have gone this far... why not go all the way?

In the end it’s up to you... It’s not a necessity... but a pretty nice status.
Hi there, thanks for your quick reply. It is 3 years since I did all my other certificates, except for the NVQ. What does the Master Qualification Day involve. I would certainly like a Certificate saying "Master Technician" to add to my collection.
The "coveted" Masters Artist certificate and award can only be recieved through attending all of you rMasters Artist courses and then by going through Masters Qualification Day (MQD)

MQD is a day of assessment where you complete a full set (5 sculptured and 5 tip and overlays) on a model. 2 nails are judged finished... the other unfinished (to gauge your application technique)

You also need to complete a written assessment that is divided into 3 sections: Technical knowledge (i.e. why nails lift), Theory (i.e. Types of polymer coatings), and product knowledge (i.e. what the hell is SolarOil).

It sounds a little more daunting then it actually is... but no reward is sweet without some sweat :rolleyes:

If its been 3 years since you have done the Master Classes... I would stronlgy suggest you take a look at redoing (at least) the Real Rebalancing class. Its one of the newer ones that is theory intensive.
Thank you so much for your advice. I will definitely be booking another rebalancing class and then a Master Qualification Day once my last assessment for NVQ is done. I have been doing my NVQ with Liesel Silcock, Leatherhead. She is a brilliant nail tech and a real inspiration. She is Creative Trained and I believe has won lots of competitions, do you know her. She is the owner of Nail Beauty in Leatherhead.

Once again, thanks for advice.
I know Liesel - she is a doll and she did the most amazing nails for the Alternative Nail Awards in 2001!! If I remember correctly, she took second in 'Creative on the Edge'!!! Please give her my best!! ;)
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