Nail pitting on my littles boy's finger nail any advice


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May 12, 2006
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Hi,my little boy came to me today and shown me his finger nail,i know his cuticles have been on the dry side so iv been putting him some solar oil on.With xmas being bust these last couple of weeks iv cut his nails before the bath then off you go sort of thing.
Anway todai i had a good luck at them and hes got like dry skin at he side of his thumb which wasnt there then i noticed on just one nail some pitting.
Im newly qualified with nails so not alot of experiance so to speak,is this some kind of soriosis or am i on the wrong path altogether,he does have slight exthema {sorry for spelling} on his legs no where else.
Any advice would be great thanks for reading x
Pitting is usually symptomatic of psoriasis. Many people can exhibit signs of psoriasis on their nail even if they don't exhibit any symptoms anywhere else. It can also come and go for no apparent reason.

Thanks for that, so should i just keep watch or should i take him to the dr,hes 6yrs and the skin around his little thumb flaking is annoying him.Thanks
i would say take him to see you gp

and try and get him to not keep touching and/or picking at the skin
Iv just thought about that,hes in bed fast asleep but i will tomorow for you to see xx
As he's only 6, there's a good chance that this is infantile eczema. If so, it should show signs of clearing up within a year or so as our bodies go through a change every 7 years.

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