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Aug 10, 2009
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Before I had my gel nail training my mum had a set of scultped nails applied, for some reason she never had them professionally removed and decided to file it herself with a 180 grit! Since I wasnt a professional in this area yet, I didnt know this was a big no no! Now a couple of months later near her free edge is very red and sore and now has what looks like leukonychia there aswell? I was thinking it could have been a burn from the file but it seems to still be there a couple of months since she has filed? Since Im still new to gel nails I was looking for some advice on it? Thanks! :hug:
Sounds like she has given her self Rings of fire for over filing her natural nail plate. This is why it is sooooooo important that we stress professional removal.
I am not sure if it is actually leukonychia instead it could actually be oncholysis caused by the thinning of the nail plate, without an actual picture we cant say for sure.
I would recomend that you advise her to use lashings of solar oil. And even do a thin gel overlay but do not file any more of the natural nail surface especially where the thinning is.
Can you post a pic as without that we cant really help more.
jen xxx
It's going to have to grow out I'm afraid.

I had this once (not self imposed though!) and I actually had my CND educator apply a set of nails / overlays without taking off any shine etc just for a bit of protection because everything I was touching was hurting. Even running them under water. If they're that bad, gel will burn like a bi*ch under a lamp!

Lashings of solar oil though is a must.
Thanks for your help! I posted a picture in my album which isnt great as my camera is crap! :lol: A you can see she hasnt been able to do much with her nail since x

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