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Mar 16, 2004
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Just wondering if anyone could help me, a client has asked me to do a manicure on her nails she has suffered from a fungi infection (not sure exactly what) because i am a bit concerned about doing it i said i will give her a letter to take to the doctors as a precaution. I have a standard letter for nail extensions but i just wondered if anyone could give me advice on what to put in the letter to perform a manicure?

Hope this makes sense:rolleyes: thanks
Hi Kelly
Has she told you that she has a fungal infection?
As the safest rule for all technicians is 'if in any doubt don't' I think your safest bet is not to put anything in a letter and put the onus back on her. Say that you cannot provide any service until she provides you with a letter from her GP ststing that the sarvice she requires will be safe for you to carry out.
Protect yourself at all times!
Marian (newman)
I have to say i agree with Marian, its better to say no and be covered than say yes and cause yourself alsorts of problems.
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