Nail protection on 3 week hols?


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Apr 11, 2012
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Jersey, CI, British Isles
Hey all,

I've been wearing shellac for a couple of months now and the idea of doing without it is now bizarre!

I'm going on Holiday from May 19th to June 11th, I like the protection wearing shellac has given my nails, but by wearing it then going on holiday would I be risking worse damage than going without? (because obviously it won't be properly maintained)

Do I wear it and let it chip off or grow out over the three weeks, or leave it off completely?
Hi, I'm not sure what you mean when you write, 'it won't be properly maintained'.

I Shellac my DIL's nails and whe goes 4 weeks between appointments. Except for the new nail growth, her nails look just as fab as when she first gets them done.

You do have to follow aftercare instruction and use your Solar Oil, daily. Personally, I would get Shellacked. HTH! :)
Yeah I actually wrote "(except for solar oil obviously!)" but took it out :lol:

I guess I just meant if it chipped or lifted I wouldn't be able to go to anyone to get it fixed, or it might peel up and get snagged on things? My experience of Shellac is that it does a great job of lasting about a week if you treat it badly (I work on an information desk with a till and an unvarnished limestone counter... mainly bad tip wear leading to lifting).

I'll be in the Exumas for five days snorkelling etc, then 16 days in Belize in the jungle, hiking, etc and then diving and snorkelling on the cayes... I imagine the trip might be similarly tough on my hands to my day job:confused:

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