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Jul 21, 2010
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3D world ...
Hello i am new to the nail department and i wonter for some things .

A) witch gel is strong and thick like an acrylic form but not acrylic - the one that i am looking for it becames like a rock after curring - (so i can do nail extentions with out using fake nails tips)

B) My uv tube has 2 scales at 36 watt but my 2d scale isn't working so i am supposing that i am not using all the 36 watt . Does the power of the watt of the lamp matters in the curring prosses ? .

C) I am using a gel that it suppose to be strong and thick and suppose to became like a rock when i am curring it , but instand has a slimy serfece after 15(!) min of curring ... Is that happening because of my uv tube or because the gel isn't what i need ? ....

Thank you on advance for your replys :)

Kind Regards
Not sure about question B

But A - I use Bio Gel Free Edge and get a good result with that.

C - 15 mins is a long time to cure. You should cure 2 - 4 mins apply the rest of the gel over the whole nail, cure, remove form and cure again. Then wipe with cleanser.

If they are still sticky could be you need to replace your bulbs or clean them.
I have read your profile, you do not say if you are a qualified Nail Tech.
Best to fill all of this in, then someone will be able to help you.
I think from reading your post that you are not trained, as it sounds like you are expecting to cure the sticky dispersion layer left after curing gel. A trained tech would know this needs to be wiped away with a product from the system they are using.
Also nails should not be thick when finished to be strong.
Hope this is of some help as I can see you are new to this site.
Welcome and I hope you learn a lot from the Geeks on here.
Lotsa luv x x :hug: x x
No i am not a nail tec and due to financial issues i can't go to the school yet .... But i am a hair tec (gone to school and paid for a profetion i can't do due to alergical nose reaction to bleach - bummer - ) ....

I can understand if noone would like to reply to me and thank you all that you have all ready done it . Appriciated .

A last question ... Does the gel suppose to peal off after the curring ? :) .

Thank you if you reply on advance

Kind Regards
Archangelic .
I understand your dilemma.
Sorry you are unable to train properly yet.
Answer to your question No gels do not peel off after curing.
Important steps may be missed from your preparation if this is happening.
What brand of gel are you using? Do you have all the correct preparation products needed for this brand of gel?
All gels vary from brand to brand.
You can find out much more by going into the search section on this site, type in what you want to know and many related topics will appear for you to read.
I do hope you can find what you need to know about the gels you are using.
Best of luck.
Lotsa luv x x :hug: x x
poshfloss thank you verry much for your fast reply :)

I recon that i am missing 1 step out of the preparation and that is the bace coat but I've done my nails to a profetional - that was the first step that drawn me to nail art - and she wasn't using a base coat either and her gel looked like exacly as the acrylic dust - was thick and after the curring was hard as stone and no sticky - but it was in liquid gel form and clear .

As far as i know - the one i used that means - the acrylic powder , even the clear one is giving a blur semi clear result - I've started the nail train course and then i lost my waitress job ... So no money no honey ... - .

Anyway you where more than helpfull to me and i will try to find my way arround to this because nail art is really my call ... I see those desings and i love it so much ...

Thank you again :)

Kind regards

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