Nail requests you've had to deny?


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Jul 31, 2011
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New Zealand
Was at work the other day and I seen a girl with a tattoo of lips with the word "lust" underneath them, tattooed on her neck and I thought..."Why would a tattooist, tattoo something like that on someone?"

Firstly, it would tarnish his/her reputation, and will make her look bad as well.

So it got me thinking..have you ever had a request to do something on/with someones nails that you had to refuse to do??

Such as offensive/taboo nail art...or simply just something the clients nails weren't suited for?
I often turn people away who want extensions on nails that are in poor condition. People always take offence, I try to offer them an alternative to improve their general nail health and more often than not they go along with it but a few people leave with the grumps on lol.

I lost a client because I would not build up her shellac too. She used to live in London and had her shellac done every two weeks. The tech used to apply shellac over the existing (She always had blackpool) It looks awful when she came to see me, so bumpy!

I removed it all and re applied and it looked lovely. She re booked and two weeks later wanted me to just re apply over the top of the old one, I told her I would not do it as it would look messy and increases the risk of it chipping / peeling... She said she would find someone who would and walked off.

Good on ya, I wouldn't entertain that either. Other people seeing those nails would make them question my ability to do nails.

There's giving a client what they want and there's making they're nails look awful when they can look very nice.

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