Nail split with OPI GelColor on them?


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Apr 3, 2011
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Hi Everyone,
I redone my OPI GelColor about a week ago in Russian Navy. (I've had OPI GelColor on for around 2 - 3 months now)
Yesterday I noticed one of my nails had broke half way down the nail. I don't have ridiculously long nails and I always cut them down short when I redo them.
I may be wrong but I was under the impression Gel Polishes protect natural nails and maybe even strengthen them slightly.
Has anyone had anything else like this? Or an explanation as to why this happened? X
If your nail split, then it is for sure you had to have put some pressure on it, bent it and in fact the gel probably held it all together.

Gel polishes do not cause nails to split. Maybe surface buffing has caused the nail to split, maybe excessive dehydration plus pressure (which you probably were not even aware of).
Good heavens we have all broken nails and not even realised it until we spotted it had happened, with or without polish on them.

My nails are stronger than they have ever been since wearing Shellac for more than 2 years now, in fact, nearly 3!!
I totally agree, gel polish will not damage your nails but it will not act as armour either. :green:
My mum has suffered with horizontal splits in her nails for years. Sometimes they were extremely painful as they were so low down her nails.

She now wears shellac and OPI and has said her nails have never been better. Infact we have to keep filing them because they grow ridiculously long.

She loves both products equally and so do I. But I love solar oil the most out of every cuticle oil and also scrubfresh disperse and disolve. There is no need to buff the nail with either of these products which is why I settled for them.

I did try another product but didnt like breaking the seal on the top coat. This is just my personal preference. I have a lot of elderly clients right up to the age of 86!. Infact today she had shellac gotcha with rockstar ring fingers out of stargazer pink holographic. Hows that for a glamourous gran. I like to file as little as possible with my elderly clients.

I find no difference between either product, neither do damage to the nail. Plus my customers follow a strict care regime and I know if they havent. Infact they usually blurt out if they have been naughty before I even get a look lol.

All have said that they had far more breaks and splits before using Shellac and OPI than have had after.

I have been wearing OPI gel for a couple months. 2 weeks ago I had to take a break from wearing them because my thumb nail was splitting. Within a couple of days every single other nail has begun to split. Some are split halfway down my nail! I have never had such problems due to splitting and I am not doing anything differently.

I now have them cut as short as possible, and an applying OPI nail envy daily. I don't know what else to do. This is incredible frustrating. I will not be using the OPI gel ever again. :mad:
Hi Rnelson

Have you only been using OPI Gel have you contacted OPI? I'm just concerned as I recently just bought into this , which I must say I regret, wishing I had went with the original and what would seem better CND system x

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