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Aug 1, 2015
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South west
Hi all ...I can't get tape to stay on nails longer than a day ....I attach it to second coat before top coat ....any help pls ? .
Is it really thin & on a roll & what are you trying to do with it?
Hi ...yea it is ...I just stick it on and top coat ....any advice ?
It's really just for masking & making crisp lines, i.e putting it on painting over & peeling it off! unless it's really decorative I wouldn't bother I've never had much luck getting it to stick either! Your better off using a super striper brush if you'd like crisp lines xx
I've had striping tape on my nails since Friday and it's not budged. I just used normal polish but I assume it would be fine with gel too. I kind of cut off a much bigger piece than I needed and pulled it taut across where I wanted it. I trimmed the ends with nippers, the trick is to trim it slightly too short so you can totally encapsulate it in topcoat. I put it where I wanted it, trimmed and then ran an orange stick over it to ensure it was firmly stuck down, then 2 X topcoat. I'm not using anything special, just a cheap set of striping tape I got off eBay. X

ETA: I had these on for 8 days and the tape didn't budge the entire time

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