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Jun 16, 2004
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Hi all, i was just wondering if anyone knew where i could get the diamante' "I Do Nails" badges. I saw them recently when i went to Professional Beauty but i didn't get a chance to buy one:sad: I have been searching most of the nail and beauty sites but can't seem to find them anywhere! If anyone can suggest any websites that would be great!
hi they do them on e bay you have to hunt for them just type in nails ? x
Thanks alot, i'm gonna have a look now! Will let you know if i find them later!
hi i have tried getting on to the page and it doesnt come up, have tried it with 2 n's aswell and still doesnt come up,
Hi Dee, I've just been on to their site and they have got a few different ones. Brilliant! I've saved the page, if you're having trouble getting it, its Try it and let me know! I had a few problems as well!:o
Or, if that doesn't work, have you tried beautyserve?

They list alot of suppliers and i think millennium nails is on there.
They have 2 different badges available on e-bay: "Nails" badge at £4.99 and "I Do Nails" badge at £9.99 with £1 p&p each. Hope this helps.
i tried your link and it worked, i thought it was a uk website, thanks
Thanks for everyones help on that one!:D I can get my badge now, for my mobiling! Only thing is i think i've brought everything on the website! lol! That's the thing with me, there are too many nice things!
I recently purchased a 'Nail Technician' diamonte type badge from ebay for 14.99 x
Hi, yeah i had a look on ebay but couldn't find any so i ended up getting the diamante' one on the millennium nails site in their art section. It was £3.99 which i thought was a pretty good price! :D With p&p it was about £8.00.
I have a 'I DO NAILS' diamonte badge for sale if anyone wants to buy it...please pm me...
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