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Nail tech/Beauty Therapist wanted Manchester


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Apr 1, 2006
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Gtr Manchester
Nail Tech / beauty Therapsit required.
NVQ 3 or equivilent.
Experience not necessary so don't worry if you have just finished college.

We are looking for a young and enthusiasic person to join us.
We are a small new salon and would like someone who wants to develop with us.
The salon can be very busy and very quiet but over all its a very relaxed fun place to be.
Eventually you will work on your own but that's after you are comfortable and ready so don't worry.
We are open 9am till 9pm so some evenings and weekends will be required.

If you like the sound of this, call 0161 371 7775 and ask for Diane so you can come in for a chat.

Ooooh John that's ageist - what about all us ancient geeks in Manchester - lol)?!
Positions filled now, thanks for looking
what a shame i am 1 yr behind that would have been perfect but am only just due to start my massage and enhancements courses
oh well
don't worry zoealana, my GF started out working around her full time college course... there will be a job out there somewhere for you.
we have 2 kids and I used to work away sometimes so life was hard but she made it and now runs her own salon, keep your head down and keep looking you will get where you want to be.

one of the girls we took on has another year of a BETEC left to do so only being part trained is not such a bad thing.

one thing to remember is when people put what quals they want that is an ideal that they are looking for, there's nothing stopping you applying and they would probably compramise if you were good.
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