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Jul 27, 2007
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I love love love what I do as a nail tech. It's just twenty four seven nails with me. Actually it's in between my 6 month old daughter. I just wanted to ask if anyone knew of any jobs within a nail salon preferably in Northampton town centre and surrounding area's ie: Kingsthorpe etc... I have been a mobile tech for a number of months now and I know youn need a lot of bums on seats to gain experience. I have gained alot of experience but obviously if there was on job training also then that would be a plus. I scupt tips and do natural overlay but much prefer the sculpting side of things.

So if anyone can help. Because I am very keen and of course the mortgage still needs to be paid. Then I would be most grateful for any replies..If there are no positions out there then can anyone give me some advice on where to start with my own business. I have started with price list and business cards etc...



Well it was worth a shot I suppose, nevermind. What is a girl to do???? It's hard when you have just qualified because your so eager to get lot's of nails done to gain experience but also at the same time want to make it your bread and butter. I will just have to trundle with it and hopefulluy open my own salon, that's what I would like to do one day. Can anyone give me advice for setting up my own business.

Do a search Hun as there has been loads of threads about being mobile or just starting out.

It is just a case of getting yourself known and doing as many friends and family as possible.

Go for it Hun, you'll get there.

Thanks for your reply, I guess I just have to be patient. It is very frustrating when you first start out and you have this problem and that. I did a couple of cracking nails the other night. I did have a problem with lifting but I seem to of got over this now (dare I say it) So anyway patience and practice is the key then.

Thanks again
Welcome to the site Pibs. Takes time to get a regular client based established, keep at it babes, you'll soon get there.

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