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Sep 17, 2003
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How many nail techs have their own nail extensions? I would love to have my nails done all the time but find it a hassle with all the products and filing they never end up looking as good as they should. Just wondering if anyone else finds this a problem? :?
i have my nails done all the time, i do them myself, but you are correct it is a hassle!
i have them always done because them my clients and potential clients will see them and i wouldnt go to a hairdresser with bad hair, ditto with a nail tech!
If you find it challenging to do them your self, why not find a local tech, whom you trust, to get your nails done by!
it will be worth payin the money ! or maybe doing a deal (if moneys a prob) you do hers she does yours!
janis xx
hiya christine :D
i've had my saln 4 16yrs now, & over that time, i've trained 14 nail techs :shock:
the natural progression of things means that ,for various reasons, they sometimes move on.
luckily my best tech to date has stayed with me for 8yrs, & one of the reasons she progressed so well, was that she has done my nails for most of the time she's been with me.
1-1 training every 2 wks!
b4 that i used to pay for my nails to b done professionally.
as a salon, we have a few tech's having their nails done with us as i know most people hate doing their own.
lol liza xx
I have always done my own nails. It does help to advertise your own work rather than someone elses LOL.

It is a bit of a nightmare, after a long working week they do end up sometimes a funny shape, but I just repair them - either sculpt in an extra bit or take off the squint ones - it is normally only one or two - and replace them.
In the salon like most nail techs I always wanted my nails to look perfect so:

I wore them medium length and oval. May not look the most trendy, but the oval shape stayed perfect (if you wear them square the corners get rounded if oval no problem) and with the medium length they looked so natural clients were always impressed when they found out they were not 'my own'!!

Much less hassel as the last thing I wanted to do after 10 clients per day was to sit and resculpt corners onto any misshaped nails. Oval worked for me.

If you want to wear polish while working but hate those fuzzy ends you get from removing other people's polish. Just use 2 coats of Faze2 over your dried polish colour and you will be able to take a bath in remover and it wont shift. I always used it at shows when demoing hundreds of single nails all day for 2-3 days, and my polish stayed perfect. Imagine all the nail prep and remover I used!

Faze2 is not expensive and is a godsend in the salon. It protects airbrushed designs too. YOu can polish over them, then remove the polish and, voila the design is still perfect underneath!! It is not a retail item unless instructions are given to the client that it must only be used over thoroughly dry polish (4 hours dry) that has had a topcoat.

And if you wear polish in the salon ... You will sell twice as much retail polish.
I think it is very good advertisment for yourself to do your own nails and now the summers gone and i cant do nail art on my toes ill need to pull my finger out and get those ext back on! will also be trying the faze great tip thanks. :)
with the faze 2 how do you remove it do you file it down then soak it off?
love dye :oops:
You need to lightly buff the surface and then use Faze 2 Remover. Nothing else removes it!!
hi geeg,
sorry to go on but if i did false nails with my brand of gel then say did airbrushing use faze 2 to keep the design. then the client wants the nails off would i buff then use faze 2 remover till it came off then soak off the nails with another remover or could it all be done with the faze 2 remover
love dye
Faze2 Remover would remove most enhancements but for the sake of expense, I would use your normal remover to remove enhancements and stick to Faze2 remover to remove Faze2.

You remove it with a cotton pad not by soaking.

So .... file gently to break up the surface of Faze2 and then use a cotton pad saturated in F2 remover and remove colour and F2 residue ... just like ordinary polish. It will not affect the enhancements underneath the colour.
hi thanks for that
love dye
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