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Sep 17, 2003
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Could somebody please help me? first time using the nail trainer and the tips will not stick what am i doing wrong?

Cristine :)
i have a nail trainer and am new to nails so i'll help if i can! You have to use the glue they supply which i assume you are doing and need to hold the tip in place much longer than you would a normal nail and glue on a real client.
hiya christine
which adhesive ru using?
in the classes we use speedbond as it has the fastest setting time.
however i recently had a student that got on better with gelbond :shock:
whichever u use, u must hang on in there 4 longer than u normally would as the nail trainers beds r plastic which means they won't accept the adhisive as quickly.
also if u have a tip that doesn't stick even after holding on 4 EVER, don't try to use more adhisive & try to stick it a second time. it won't want to know :shock:
the trainers r invaluable 4 your practise, however the tip application is the most frustrating process to use it for because it is plastic.
persevere, it will work eventually, (promise!)
lol liza xx

Thanks for the advise i was using gel bond for about 20 seconds rather than 10. I ended up applying product straight to the nail trainer tips. Im going to now try with the speed bond hopefully that will work.

Ive buffed the nail using 100 grit is there anything else to do?

Cristine :)
We use GelBond with the nail trainer ALL the time in our beginner classes and it works well but you must as Liza says hold it still and apply firm pressure and hold it for longer.

If you move the tip - even once - it will break the bond that has started and it'll never stick.

Apply adhesive to both surfaces (the free edge of the nail trainer AND the well of the tip.

Apply the tip in the normal way and PRESS firmly

HOLD for 10-15 seconds.

Glad you got the trainer

good luck with the tip application

Caz :p :p
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