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Dec 27, 2007
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Blackpool, UK
My Mum lives abroad. When she came over recently she said that when she'd had her nails done in gel, the tech had mixed her nail varnish in with the gel. "are you sure Mum?" thinking that she might be a bit dotty. "Yes" she replied, "I'm not that old". Question is: is she dotty, can you mix nail varnish with the gel? I've read that once the balance is right, you can apply nail varnish, then a thin layer of gel over?:confused:
All my french's, funky french's, etc.. are done with nail polish (dont know if it's the same as varnish?) encased in the gel.
I do the rebalance/fill. Then the finish filing, and right before glossing, I apply the french polish. Let it dry COMPLETELY. Then I top gloss over it.

My clients LOVE the variety that this gives them, and it's far less costly than using a french white gel, or other gel polishes.
I have also 'heard' of techs adding polish to the actual gel, mixing it, and applying it as a coloured gel. I'm not sure how well this works, but there are threads on this subject on these forums. Do a search and you'll find plenty.

I've mixed polish with gel before now and it's worked fine. I added a few drops of polish to a small amount of gel and applied 2 coats and finished with a top coat gel. It's lasted 8 weeks on toes.


Only just realised i've got replies. Thank you. Happy New Year.

i have mixed polishes with clear gel and it works fine, great if a clients wants a colour that is not available as a coloured gel

or you can apply polish with a clear gel on top
How do you know how much to mix? is it just trial and error?


I can understand mixing it in may work but wouldent painting it on normally from the bottle then applying a clear gel just peel off because you wouldent be able to rough up the surface a little for the gel to stick to? or would you just you a uv top coat gloss after where it wouldent need to have the rougher surface?

please enlighten me if you know!
Bumping this up as I'm interested!
I apply my nail enamel as normal, do any art if required then I put a layer of Quattro over the top and cure for 3 mins and this seals in colour and art for weeks. :)
I mix enamel with clear gel I apply it over either a L&P or clear or pink gel enhancement.

I would not just apply it straight on to a natural nail as I think it would just peal off.

As to how much enamel to add as long as you don't thin the gel down to much there isn't a problem.
The colour will always be lighter than the enamel, so you just do 2 layers of the gel and this should work.
I apply my 2 layers then a layer of UV Topcoat to date I have had no problems with this:hug:
Whenever I've applied gel selant over polish it has cracked after a day or so. Its ok over a lil white for french tho.
Am definitely gonna try mixing some polish in clr gel......... see if it works for me.

Whenever I've applied gel selant over polish it has cracked after a day or so. Its ok over a lil white for french tho.

It depends on what kind/brand of gloss you use.
Nailite "seal-it" works, as does Forze "pink gloss" (my fave). I'm sure there are other brands that do well, but I dont know them all. sorry

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